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Jedi Knight Names for Females and Males

Jedi Knight names will generally reflect the class the Jedi Knight is from.  In the case of SWTOR, Jedi Knights can be any of the following races: (name lists coming soon)
Human RP Names

You may wish to check out the above names to help find a name for your Jedi.  In addition to the class specific names above, Jedi will generally fit into classifications such as valiant or harmonious - names that reflect those classifications are good picks for Jedi characters.

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Here are some Jedi names based on attributes usually associated with the Jedi characters

Male Jedi Names that reflect the traits of Courageous, Brave, Bold and Fearless:

Abhay: Hindi name meaning "fearless"
Atreus: Greek name meaning fearless.
Balder: Courageous army
Brainard: Courageous Raven
Ceneric: Anglo Saxon origin meaning powerful
Drystan: Welsh legend of a Knight of the Round Table
Ellard: Noble and Courageous
Fenji: Mandarin for fearless adventurer
Finlay: Fair Haired courageous one
Hartwig: Courageous in Battle
Jabari: Swahili for fearless.
Kemen: Basque meaning courage and vigor.
Klahan: Thai name meaning brave.
Kuno: German name meaning brave.
Urho: Finnish name meaning brave. 
Vikrant: Hindi name meaning powerful and courageous

Female Jedi Names that reflect the traits of Courageous, Brave, Bold and Fearless:

 Alcee: Strong Willed
Adira: Powerful

Berdine: From french meaning bold as a bear.
Dara: Middle English meaning brave and daring.
Drucilla: Strong and sturdy
Ebba: Brave
Terrwyn: Welsh meaning brave fair one.
Treasa: Strong
Parvane: Persian for fearless.
Shea: Gaelic for undaunted.
Maia: Brave Warrior
Valora: Latin for brave.
Vondra: Womanly Brave
Vibhi: Indian name meaning fearless.

Male Jedi names Meaning Guardian & Defender. - Great for Sentinel or Guardian Advanced Classes

Abaven: Armenian meaning protector
Aylward: meaning noble guard
Aleixo: Form of latin meaning defender
Aleksandar: Meaning defender of men
Aleksanteri: Meaning defender of mankind
Aleksei: Russion meaning defender
Asim: Arabic meaning protector
Asmund: meaning divine protection
Bao: Vietnamese name meaning protection
Branimir: Bulgarian and Slavic - bron = protection / mir = peace
Branislav: Serbian meaning glorious protector
Bronius: Form of Lithuaniun Bronislav/Bronislavus  meaning glorious protector
Cenhelm: Anglo saxon meaning brave/keen
Daegmund: Anglo-saxon coposed of daeg= day and mund=guardian - hence day guadian
Duarte: Portugeuese meaning "guardian of prosperity"
Eetu: Latin meaning guardian of prosperity
Ekewaka: Hawaiian meaning guradian of prosperity
Gopal: Hindi meaning cow protector
Guarin: French meaning shelter
Hallvardr: Norse composed of  hallr = rock and  vardr = guardian - guardian of the rocks.
Iskander / Iskender: Turkish meaning defender of mankind
Ismat: Arabix meaning safe guard
Olek / Oleksander / Oleksiy :  Variants of defender
Santtu / Sanyi: Defender of mankind
Saskia: Dutch meaning defender of mankind
Saso: polish defender of mankind
Ziga / Zsiga / Zygmunt: Old high german meaning victory protection

Female Jedi names Meaning Guardian & Defender. - Great for Sentinel or Guardian Advanced Classes

Aleckina: Scottish for defender of mankind.
Alondra: Spanish for defender of mankind.
Alyx: defender of mankind.
Alvara: Germanic for noble guardian
Aminta / Amintah / Amynta / Araminta- feminine forms of greek meaning defender
Babesne: Basque meaning protection
Branka: Serbian meaning glorious protector
Brina: Slovene meaning protector
Cindra: Modern English meaning defender of mankind.
Clarimond: German meaning bright protector
Lex / Lexa / Lexi / Lexie / Lexia / Lexine / Lexy Variation meaning defender of mankind.
Rosamond: Meaning horse protection
Sacha: meaning defender of mankind.
Tzofi / Tzofia:  Hebrew meaning scout
Tamohara: Sanskrit for one who removes darkness

Do you have a Jedi Knight? What did you name it?


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