Monday, November 5, 2007

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Working on this list, please let me know if you have a link to share that would be useful to the readers of this blog.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Roleplay Addons

Here are some addons for WoW which will make your roleplaying experience much easier and more interesting.


Allows you to set titles, descriptions, roleplay experience and roleplay status of your characters. Also allows you to view the information of other roleplayers, making it easier to find contacts.

Similar to FLAGRSP. It allows you to add roleplay-specific information about your character that other users of MyRolePlay (and other compatible addons) can see in the tooltip, and in a more detailed window.

Object Creation:

Gryphonheart Items
Allows you create items for roleplaying. It can be everything from simple props to items with advanced right click functions. Can only give items to other Gryphonheart users, but is very fun and with some creativity...very useful!

Arcane Workshop
Much like Gryphonheart. Arcane Workshop has its own unlimited inventory space used to store custom items. Those custom items can currently be used as books that are displayed like in-game books. The items can also be sent to other players with the AddOn.


Very fun add on that makes RPing with a certain dialect or accent much easier, you can compose and speak in custom defined languages as well as hear and understand others.

Gives RPers a quick and easy way to speak in OOC brackets (( like so )). With this add on, you can simply type /ooc before speaking.


Add Emote
Allows you to add custom emotes to your WoW emotes command list. So instead of having several macro's or typing a long emote in, you can simply type the name you save it under to make it perform a specific emote for you.

Emote Reply and Emotions
Allows you to automatically reply with an emote of your own when someone performs a predefined emote on you. Personally, I prefer saving my emotes and acting with my first reaction instead of the same one every time, but this may be useful in some cases.

StoryTeller allows your character to easily tell a story. With each successive mouse click it will spool a prepared story, line by line, into a selected chat.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Basic Roleplay Advice


Basic Advice:

While roleplaying is about having FUN, there are still many things to consider, or questions that the novice roleplayer still needs clarified.  Here is some basic advice regarding roleplay and interacting with others.  Remember, feel free to ask me if anything you want to know isn't covered!

Roleplay and the World Around You:

Know how to differentiate between game mechanics and roleplay.  Just because you are a roleplayer, or a large portion of your time is spent roleplaying and developing your character, doesn't mean you are "just" a roleplayer.  There are other areas of the game you may wish to progress in as well.  It is perfectly fine to be OOC during these times. Some enjoy this because they don't have to come up with an RP reason explaining how you have already killed 4 times.  

Some people however, like to stay in character all the time, even for boss fights and such. These players get mad props as it is not that easy to do; but it goes to show you that with some imagination, you can RPly explain many things and succefully suspend belief in certain circumstances.

If staying in character all the time sounds interesting, there are guilds dubbed "heavy roleplay" which generally require their members to always be In Character.

Although you are playing in an environment that allows you to make up various things about your character, remember there are some times when roleplay overlaps with the game world.  The game world should take precedence in this instance.  For example, you shouldn't say your level 1 character has this super awesome spell that people can only learn at level 40. This -may- be considered okay if you can come up with a plausible explanation as to why you have this knowledge, and can believably roleplay casting this spell if asked to use it.  However, I would suggest staying away from these gray areas.

Also, as a level 1 you shouldn't expect to walk up to a level 80 and beat them in a fight.  While your character may be strong, a proper way to roleplay this is to keep developing your strength/talents as you level (age or practice more).  As such, avoiding picking fights with characters you have no chance against...unless that is your Roleplay style and you are willing to either A: Get beat down or B: Run screaming like a little girl.

Keeping your roleplay to game world mechanics can be difficult, and often times imposes limitations you would rather do without, however it is best to work within these boundaries whenever possible. Remember though, this does not mean you can't come up with ways to creatively explain things...that NPC you killed before? They were resurrected by their goons...or you must have just knocked them out last time, and assumed they died.

Character Relations:
It is generally frowned upon to say your character is a relative,boyfriend,girlfriend etc of .  This is considered cliche.  However, if you can develop a good and believable story for your IC relations, then it is more respected as you have taken the time to come up with a well thought out character history.  If you are going to choose an NPC, I suggest choosing one not so well known.

Starting Out:
Don't be afraid to find a fellow roleplayer and let them know your new and looking for contacts, they may help you and/or be able to point you in the right direction.  If you are starting out, a good way to slowly introduce yourself to the RP community is attending RP events. You can meet other roleplayers here as well as watch how people interract with one another and get some ideas.

Roleplay Etiquette

Guide to Roleplay Etiquette

Remember, it's okay to look like a newb, but if you blatantly disregard common RP etiquette, you will look like a jerk, not a newb.  The most important rule is don't be a jackass.  Respect other players, if you don't understand or are unclear about something, ask someone.

Rule #1IC vs OOC:
A common practice for speaking In Character (IC) and out of character (OOC) is to use brackets when you are speaking OOC.  Such as:

In character: Hi, how are you today?

Out of Character: ((Hi, how are you today))

Some people simply say "ooc: then whatever you want to say here", though it is more common to use brackets.

Rule #2. Grammar, Grammar Grammar:
Practice proper grammar, capitilazation and punctuation. If you make mistakes, that is fine, but avoid leet speak and use full words.  For instance, don't say "Hai how R U?" Also, don't use term's like "LOL".  If something is funny, emote a laugh or say ((lol)).

Rule #3. Stay inside your element:
Stick to the lore of the environment you're playing in.  If you are roleplaying in a fantasy setting, don't start talking about your Light Saber. Also, try to find a way to rephrase common game terms to speak in an RP manner.  If you can't think of a way to do this, then use OOC comments.

Rule #4. Forceful Roleplay or Godmodding:
Do not force actions on another player.  This is referred to as GodModding. For example, in an RP scene do not grab someone and throw them against a wall, if you would like to do something like that, emote "grabs and attempts to slam them against a wall".  Leave the decision as to whether or not the player will allow you to do this up to them.

Rule #5. Did I say you could interrupt me?
Don't interrupt the RP of others.  If you were to walk up in the middle of someone's conversation, in real life, and just start talking away people would consider that rude. The same goes for RP.  There are more polite ways to introduce yourself to their roleplay, an acceptable method is to whisper one of the members something along the lines of ((Hello, I don't want to include myself in your roleplay without asking, would it be okay for me to engage in roleplay with this group?)).  A lot of the time people are more than happy to meet and accept other roleplayers.  There are times however, when it is a more private conversation and they don't want random people joining.

You can also tell if a conversation may be limited to those in it, by listening for a short time.  Does it sound like something private? If so, step away and find other roleplay.

Remember, if you are allowed in the conversation do not step in and try to run it.  Work with what is currently going on without taking it over and making everyone focus on you. It is okay to add occasional emotes that show off who you are or your roleplay style, but do not spam the rest of the roleplay.  Perhaps you roleplay a loud and obnoxious character, this must be done carefully and appropriate as not to actually be obnoxious.  If you annoy the other roleplayers, nobody will want to roleplay with you in the future, and how much fun would you have then?

Rule #6. Observing others roleplay:
This should be done in a way where you don't seem like you are hovering over them.  It make others nervous, its annoying and its just not fun.  This is not to say you cannot sit and observe the scene, it just means you should do so appropriately.

Innapropriate ways:

Standing in the middle of someones conversation and not saying anything.

Standing in the middle, or just outside, of a conversation and emoting random "coughs" "combs their hair" without ever saying anything or reaching out to the other roleplayers.

Walking back and forth past them, or through them.

Jumping up and down around them, running around them in circles.

Appropriate ways:

Sit off to the side, perhaps a bench if there is one.  If not, find a window to look through (if your inside) or window shop (if your outside).  Also casually emote something every so often.

Overall, remember that even if you follow these rules some people may still not RP with you, or even be rude. This is few and far between, but not everyone who roleplays is encouraging and accepting.  There are a few elitist jerks. If you run into these types, make a note of their name and continue on.

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