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RP Names meaning "Angel"

Names of Angels and Names that mean "Angel"

This is a good resource for Aion characters due to their angelic wings.  Also a good resource for names in general or characters with holy or darker names

Female Names

Aingeal - Gaelic meaning "Angel"
Andela - Czech meaning "Angel Messenger"
Andjela - Serbian for "angel messenger"
Angelia - elaborated latin for angel
Angelica- Spanish form of latin, angel.
Angelien - Dutch form of angel
Angelika - Polish for "angelic"
Angeline - French for angelic
Angelita - Spanish for "little angel"
Angiola - Italian meaning "angel messenger"
Angiolita - Italian meaning "little angle messenger"
Angyalka - Hungarian for "angelic"
Aniela - Polish for "angel messenger"
Anjelika - Bohemian form of Angelicus meaning "angelic"
Anzehla / Anzhelina- Russian for "angel messenger"
Evangelina / Evangeline - Latin meaning "good little angel"
Malaika - Arabic meaning "angels"
Mariangela - From Spanish meaning "rebel-angel"
Melek - Turkish name meaning "angel"
Parisa - Persian for "angelic"
Rosangela - Italian for rose-angel
Tien - Vietnamese for "angel"
Andel - Czech for "angel"
Ariel - In apocrypha, name of archangel who rules the waters

Male Names

Abbaddon - Angelicized form of Greek meaning "Destruction"
Aingeru - Basque meaning Angel Messenger
Anael - Jewish lore name of angel associated with Venus
Angelico - form of Angelicus meaning "Angelic"
Angelo - Italian form of Angelus meaning "Angel Messenger"
Angelos - Greek meaning "Angel Messenger of the Gods"
Anjelo - Variant of Italian spelling meaning "angel messenger"
Anzhelo - Bulgarian form of greek meaning "angel messenger"
Aollyon / Apollyon - name of the angel prince  of the infernal regions
Arcangelo - Italian for "archangel:"
Azazel - Angel of Death
Azrael / Azrail / Azriel / Izrael / Izrail - Angel of Death
Bahram - Angel representing the planet Mars
Cassiel - name of archangel in Jewish Lore
Chamuel / Hamuel- name of archangel in Hebrew
Engel - German for "angel"
Engjell - Albanian for "angel"
Evangelos - Latin meaning "Angel Messenger"
Govad - Persian angel of Wind and Waves
Haniel - Jewish lore also associated with planet Venus
Jerahmiel - Archangel from the book Enoch
Jophiel - Archangel from Jewish Lore
Kafziel - Jewish lore - angel of solitude and tears 
Malachai / Malachi / Malachy / Malakiy / Malakai - Angel Messenger
Miykael - prince of angels
Orfiel / Orifel- Angel of worlds past 
Ramiel / Remiel- Angel of Hope from the book Enoch
Reuel - Archangel of fairness, harmony and justice from the book of Enoch
Samael / Samil / Sammael / Simiel - fallen angel
Saraph / Seaphinus - name of an order of six winged angels
Uriel - name of archangel removed from the churches lists of recognized angels
Vangelis - Greek meaning "good angel:"
Yophiel - name of Jophiel 
Zadkiel - Archangel of freedom, benevolence and mercy
Zerachiel - angel of healing, the sun and children


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