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RP Names for Worgen

Worgen Names:

Here are some names that are associated with Wolves.  

Female Worgen Names: (Names meaning "wolf")

Accalia -she wolf who nursed twins Remus and Romulus
Akala - wolf (Hebrew)
Amou/Amoux - Eagle Wolf (French)
Daciana - Romanian meaning "wolf" derived from Dacia
Larentia shewolf (latin)
Lupa - She wolf (Latin)
Lupe "wolf" (Spanish)
Luperca - she wolf
Lupita - Little Wolf (Spanish)
Nashoba - wolf (Unknown)
Otsana - She wolf (Basque)
Ruelle - famous wolf (french)
Ula - from english Ulrica meaning "wolf power"
Ulfur - female form of Ulfur meaning "wolf" (Icelandic)
Ulrica - She wolf ruler
Velvel - wolf (uknown)
Ylva - she wolf (Scandinavian)

Male Worgen names meaning "wolf"

Aatu - noble wolf (Finnish)
Adelulf - noble wolf (German)
Bardolph/ Bardulf - bright wolf (Old German)
Berfulf / Bertolf - bright wolf (Anglo-Saxon)
Bjomolf - bear wolf (Norse)
Bleddyn - wolf hero (Welsh)
Coinin - little wolf (Old Gaelic)
Eyolf - lucky wolf (Scandinavian)
Faelan - little wolf (Irish Gaelic)
Ivailo / Ivaylo - wolf (Bulgarian)
Louvel/lovell/Lowe - little wolf (french)
Lycaon /Lykaon - wolf (Greek)
Marrok - Knight Wolf from Arthurian Legend
Meinolf - strong wolf/poweful wolf (uknown)
Mingan- gray wolf (unknown)
Otsoa - Wolf (Basque)
Phelan - little wolf (Gaelic)
Rafe - wise wolf (Medieval form of Ralph)
Rudi - famous wolf (old german)
Rudy - Famous wolf (old english)
Sandalio/Sandalius - true wolf (Latin)
Seff/Zeff - wolf (Yiddish)
Umar/Ulmarr - famous wolf
Varg - wolf (Norwegian)
Weylyn - son of wolf (Celtic)
Wolcott - Wolf's Home (Unknown)
Woolsey - Victorius Wolf (Unknown)
Zeeb - wolf (Hebrew)

Unisex Worgen names meaning Wolf:

Lyall - wolf (Scottish)
Mingan- gray wolf (unknown)
Phelan - like a wolf (unknown)
Bleidd - wolf (Welsh)
Chann/Channe/Channing - young wolf (Irish, English)
Faolan - little wolf (Gaelic)
Freki - Odin's Wolf (Norse)
Hachehi - wolf (Native American)
Kuckunniwi - wolf (Native American)
Rezso - famous wolf (Teutonic)

Famous Werewolves from Movies:

Ginger and Brigette from Ginger Snaps


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