Sunday, November 4, 2007

Roleplay Addons

Here are some addons for WoW which will make your roleplaying experience much easier and more interesting.


Allows you to set titles, descriptions, roleplay experience and roleplay status of your characters. Also allows you to view the information of other roleplayers, making it easier to find contacts.

Similar to FLAGRSP. It allows you to add roleplay-specific information about your character that other users of MyRolePlay (and other compatible addons) can see in the tooltip, and in a more detailed window.

Object Creation:

Gryphonheart Items
Allows you create items for roleplaying. It can be everything from simple props to items with advanced right click functions. Can only give items to other Gryphonheart users, but is very fun and with some creativity...very useful!

Arcane Workshop
Much like Gryphonheart. Arcane Workshop has its own unlimited inventory space used to store custom items. Those custom items can currently be used as books that are displayed like in-game books. The items can also be sent to other players with the AddOn.


Very fun add on that makes RPing with a certain dialect or accent much easier, you can compose and speak in custom defined languages as well as hear and understand others.

Gives RPers a quick and easy way to speak in OOC brackets (( like so )). With this add on, you can simply type /ooc before speaking.


Add Emote
Allows you to add custom emotes to your WoW emotes command list. So instead of having several macro's or typing a long emote in, you can simply type the name you save it under to make it perform a specific emote for you.

Emote Reply and Emotions
Allows you to automatically reply with an emote of your own when someone performs a predefined emote on you. Personally, I prefer saving my emotes and acting with my first reaction instead of the same one every time, but this may be useful in some cases.

StoryTeller allows your character to easily tell a story. With each successive mouse click it will spool a prepared story, line by line, into a selected chat.


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